Airial UAS is a European consortium of experts working in the field of implementing industrial drone solutions. 

We take a holistic view on the operational requirements of the desired business outcome and develop solutions from the use case back to the payload, ground management systems, landing and storage solutions and carrier solution. We consult, innovate, create and produce for those operational needs.
We put a special eye on secondary but important fundamentals.
  • Exceptional performance to ensure productivity
  • Outstanding safety architecture to ensure compliance with even the most challenging regulations
  • Environmental impact like sustainability in production
  • Zero emission and very low noise profile to gain social acceptance.
Our result orientated solutions have a significant impact on those who collaborate with us today and those we work for. We collected a wide range of partners contributing to our architecture and solution and we are being kept focussed by our customers to deliver exceptional results to master the challenging environment they operate in.
The team members of the consortium are experienced, well embedded in the industry of uncrewed systems and ambitious to provide tools to unleash the power of uncrewed aircraft systems to the society and industry.
Interested to get in touch with us?  Just drop us a note.